We are moving our servers to a new location tonight and it will require us to be shut down at 7:00 pm game time (1900). The game will be down for a couple hours and then it might take a few more hours for everyone to pull up the new DNS. We will shut off ticks at 1900 game time and any games scheduled to tick after that time will be rescheduled for Monday. Game scheduled for Saturday ticks will be moved to Sunday as well so everyone can get back online. While the site is down, we will post updates to http://www.myspace.com/evernightgame so you can see where we are at. Sorry for the suddenness of the move – we were supposed to get more notice from the ISP.

-Team Evernight


Offline Tonight

June 23, 2006

We will be offline tonight 6/23 at 1900 game time. Updates will be posted here.

Epoch Blitz

June 18, 2006

We will be running Epoch Blitz a bit more regularly, it has been templated and will be set to run approximately every three weeks. Hence you will see the numbers of these back in the single digits..Each version may have a small twist, this one is ELIM and NTBB, next one will be… Well, we will know in three weeks!

Epoch Blitz 3 – Cage the Thunder plays July 8 at High Noon game time!

Luck to all!

Evernight Fundraiser

June 9, 2006

In order to raise money to add new content to the game, we have decided to sell region naming rights, not unlike when you go to a sports stadium and it is named after a corporation. Here is how it will work:Region names are created from syllables which are lumped together by a region name generator program to create region names. For instance, Golbyntvoid Falls would be a Gol + bynt + void + Falls. Some syllables are special, like Falls in this example, and will then only be part of region name as a complete word. All syllables also can be specified to be universal (all land type) or linked to a specific region type (Falls only works for Water regions). So, if we were to add 'Dran' to the syllables table as a forest syllable, we might have a region generate called Dranbyntvoid Deadwoods or something like that.

For a donation of $20, you can choose a syllable that will forever be enshrined in the region name database. You must pick a region type to go with your syllable. We would prefer submissions where the syllable to be added is short (3-6 characters). We will accept longer submissions if they are specifically relevent to the region type, for example 'Quix Sands' was submitted and accepted as a Dunes syllable. We will make the decision whether to designate a syllable as a special and will only do so if it makes logical sense, like in the above example.

If you send money without choosing a region type, we will choose one for you. We reserve the right to reject a submission if we think it is inappropriate in any fashion; if we do, we will give you a chance to change the submission or return the money at our option.

If you wish to make a donation, you can either mail a money order or use the 'Send Money' option in PayPal. If using PayPal, send to admin@evernightgame.com. We don't have a way to accept payment for this via credit card at this time. Please be sure to let us know your LoginID, the syllable you wish to add, and the region type you want it assigned to when you submit payment.

All money raised through this endevour will be funneled into game development. Thanks for playing!

Team Evernight

Newbie Games

May 25, 2006

we've put a few games out especially with the new player in mind.

enlogo      Age of Heroes.                  

an Experience restricted game, min exp 2, Max 89.
NFG, NA, NC, 8 winners for purse of 42, GAIA terrain(very few impassables)

Also Note, Most Templated games have Min 2 to join. 

Magnificent 7 Runs 7 days, NA, NC, NFG, NTG, pretty much a stand alone format.
Min exp is 2 & theres always one of these on the join games list.

Timepiece of chron also has a min 2, it runs 3 days a week, monday, wednesday & friday.
It's an allegience game with 2 followers & a huge purse, great for those who don't have tons of spare time but still like to play.

The fab 5's (weekday version of mag 7)  along with the haphazard theologies & any Free for all games that appear from time to time also have min 2. 

War Well.

Featured Games

May 6, 2006

BB Confederation 57.

Team Game – The power… The Glory… Players you may never have worked with before! !
Inactives during ticks 3-5 will be removed from teams on cycle 6 and put on Team Rogue.

Starship Troopers, The Meteor…

Once again we converge. This time, on a meteorite…
A big swamp-like but small sphere contains a large number of stray bugs and a plethora of wannabe generals.
Temples and Forts are 100T. Natives move. Swamp generates 3T.

Fenroots Offline

April 4, 2006

Fenroot Frenzy games will temporarily be offline. That is, until we get to the bottom of the "why they don't refresh automatically" that is currently going on.. If you have any questions, you might liven up the bugs newsgroup, I will respond there! Sorry Rab, between you and I, I don't know what we will do with all that spare time! – Blue