Newbie Games

May 25, 2006

we've put a few games out especially with the new player in mind.

enlogo      Age of Heroes.                  

an Experience restricted game, min exp 2, Max 89.
NFG, NA, NC, 8 winners for purse of 42, GAIA terrain(very few impassables)

Also Note, Most Templated games have Min 2 to join. 

Magnificent 7 Runs 7 days, NA, NC, NFG, NTG, pretty much a stand alone format.
Min exp is 2 & theres always one of these on the join games list.

Timepiece of chron also has a min 2, it runs 3 days a week, monday, wednesday & friday.
It's an allegience game with 2 followers & a huge purse, great for those who don't have tons of spare time but still like to play.

The fab 5's (weekday version of mag 7)  along with the haphazard theologies & any Free for all games that appear from time to time also have min 2. 

War Well.